9 countries. 3500 kilometres. 1 man.

"ECHO Lifestyle: Running The Baltic Seaside 3500 KM" is a unique, breath-taking and all world interest willing to get lithuanian Aidas Ardizjauskas run around Baltic sea.

Firefighter Aidas Ardzijauskas, already scour Gibraltar, Vatican and Lithuania, now is challenging human capabilities one more time - he is ready to run 9 European countries territory, overcome more than 3500 kilometres and by his running girth Baltic sea.


Join to Aidas, running around the Baltic Sea. There is no need run all the time, you can join in any desired position

Support families affected by the fires.

Whole running time will be carried out charity work - your donated amount will go to the fund, in which collected funds will be used to support families affected by the fires, and firefighters killed in the rescue of other loved ones. Everyone will be given up for thanksgiving