“ECHO Lifestyle: Running The Baltic Seaside 3500 KM” press release

“ECHO Lifestyle: Running The Baltic Seaside 3500 KM” is a unique, breath-taking run around the Baltic sea by one Lithuanian Aidas Ardizjauskas.

Last year a firefighter Aidas Ardzijauskas finished a 24 days run around Lithuania, overcome more than 1000 km and now he is challenging human capabilities one more time – he is ready to run through the territory of 9 European countries, overcome more than 3500 kilometers and by his run girdle the Baltic sea.  The run starts on the 1st of August, 2013 in Klaipėda, Lithuania (Teatro square) and finishes on the 14th of September, 2013 also in Klaipėda, Lithuania (Teatro square). During this unique run Aidas is planning to visit and run in these 9 European countries: Lithuania (102 km), Latvia (456 km), Estonia (400 km), Russia (499 km), Finland (352 km), Sweden (784 km), Denmark (191 km), Germany (172 km), Poland (472 km). In every country running fans are welcome to join the Running and not only to run near Aidas, but also to become a volunteer of this amazing project, as well as to come to the planned open meetings in every country!

According to Aidas the objectives of this run is: to run around the Baltic sea and unleash unlimited human potential; to make firefighter’s profession more known; to strengthen cooperation between firefighters offices of the Baltic sea countries; to spread safe lifestyle and volunteering ideas; to represent Lithuania, as a chair country of European Council; to spread running and healthy living principles.

Aidas Ardzijauskas works as a firefighter from 1994. He started running in 1980 and he has already overcame more than 38 000 kilometers. Aidas had run around three countries – Gibraltar, Vatican and Lithuania, he has overcome 17 classical marathons, 8 times has participated in 100 kilometers races, 6 times – in 101 kilometers, 3 times – in 50 kilometers, 2 times – in 6 hours races. In a 24 hours running he overcame 219 kilometers. 7 times has participated in multi-day races. In many of the marathons Aidas has won the first places and received a lot of awards.  During one year the avarage amount of kilometers that Aidas overcame is 5000 km, 17 km per day.

During the project all wishing will have an opportunity to donate to running’s special fond, from where all money will go straight to families of firefighters who became victims of house fires and who died performing their duties and saving lives of others.

Detailed running route in Latvia:

1st of August

Palanga-  Rucava – 24,4km (14.30- 17.10), Rucava- Liepoja- 42,6km (17.20- 22.00);

2nd of August

Liepoja- Pavilosta- 49,3km (07.00- 12.00); Pavilosta- Ventspils- 66,5km (14.00-21.00);

3rd of August

From 9 a.m. till 10.55 a.m. meetings with press, firefighters, runners and anyone interested in a project.

Ventspils- Kolka- 80,3km (11.00-15.00 + 16.00-20.00)

4th of August

Kolka- Valgalciems- 48,5km (07.00-12.00); Valgalciems- Mersrags- 15,7km (14.00-16.00); Mersrags- Engure- 22,2km (17.00-19.15);

5th of August

Engure- Jūrmala- 44,1km (06.00- 10.40); Jūrmala- Riga- 26,6km (13.00-16.00); Meetings till 21.00.

6th of August

From 9 a.m. till 10.55 a.m. meetings with press, firefighters, runners and anyone interested in a project.

Riga- Adaži- 23,2km (11.00-13.30); Adaži- Saulkrasti- 24,9km (14.00-16.50); Saulkrasti- Salacgriva- 57,3km (17.30-23.40)

7th of August

Salacgriva – Ainaži- 12,2 km (10.00-11.20)