Bėgimas aplink Baltijos jūrą – Tapk savanoriu!

Unwilling to run, but you like the idea and want to contribute to it – become a volunteer. We need every help, not only before the running, but most importantly, during the run. Volunteers wishing to help the running time will be divided into three groups according to the stages. Volunteers arrival, accommodation and meals will be paid for the organizers …
Requirements for volunteers (Lithuania)
• Adult
• Driver’s license
• English language skills (the ability to communicate, since most of the time spend abroad)
• Passport must be valid for at least six years before the running start.

Volunteers we need and in the countries in witch will run. Therefore, it will be nice that would join those countries people which are willing to help.
Requirements for volunteers (for foreigners):
• Driver’s license (may need to drive)
• Local language (needed to deal with the local media, or translate)
• English language skills (communication with team)