Bėgimas aplink Baltijos jūrą – Prisijunk!

This is not a race, with the goal of result. It’s a nice idea, which is intended not only to run around the Baltic Sea, but also to collect money for firefighters, injured at work, and for they families.

Join to Aidas, running around the Baltic Sea. There is no need run all the time, you can join in any desired position. Running route here … Registration is free, and the fact that contributed to this beautiful thought you can print it is showing diploma.

All interested please register, because registration aims is to find out wanting run traffic, so that we can ensure the safety in the big cities.




There is no need to run – you can donate. Your donation can be for running or firefighters who are affected by the performance of their duty, families. By supporting the running you will help to Aidas implement this nice idea – run the Baltic Sea. Your donation will be used for the intended purpose. Donating firefighters families you will help firefighters who have suffered during work, families and firefighters who died trying to save others. Therefore, do not be indifferent to contribute victim.