Bėgimas aplink Baltijos jūra – Nuostatai

Running the Baltic cost „My lifestyle!“


I.              Aims and tasks

    1. To run around the Baltic sea and to reveal the unlimited human potential;
    2. To promote firefighter’s profession;
    3. To strengthen a co-operation between the Baltic Sea states’ fire and rescue services;
    4. To spread the principles of safe living and volunteering ideas;
    5. To proclaim a name of Lithuania during its Presidency in the EU Council;
    6. To promote the running and a healthy lifestyle.

II.           Time and place

    1. Start of the running: 1st of August, 2013 in Klaipeda, Teatro street (Teatro square), at 11 a.m.
    2. Finish of the running: 14th of September, 2013 in Klaipeda, Teatro street (Teatro square), at 2 p.m.

III.        The route

  1. The route of this running include nine countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland;
  2. The running will take place on this route:

2.1. Klaipėda – Ventspils 221 km;

2.2. Ventspils – Riga 189 km;

2.3. Riga – Tallinn 318 km;

2.4. Tallinn – St. Petersburg 391 km;

2.5. St. Petersburg – Helsinki 374 km;

2.6. Helsinki – Stokholm 517 km; (259,3 km keltu) 262 km;

2.7. Stokholm – Copenhagen 664 km;

2.8. Copenhagen – Rostock 215 km; (48,9 km keltu) 171 km;

2.9. Rostock – Gdansk 541 km;

2.10. Gdansk – Kaliningrad 171 km;

2.11. Kaliningrad – Klaipėda 138 km.

IV.         Participants

  1. All residents of Lithuania and foreign citizens regardless of their age, gender and ethnicity can participate in this running. Participants themselves are responsible for their health and other consequence of the running; they are confirming this in a registration form.
  2. Participants who want to join the running outside Lithuania firstly have to inform an organizer and register in a website. Participants themselves are responsible for their health, health problems and other consequence of the running.
  3. Websites of the running are: and

V.            Acceptance of the participants

  1. Participants of the running will run roads, city streets and bicycle paths where pedestrian traffic is possible. Each participant has to evaluate his strength and possibilities, see about his escort and food during the running by himself. Travel, food and accommodation expenses are paid by the sending organization which sent its representatives to the running or they are paid by the participants themselves.
  2. Places where participants can join the running are specified in Appendix Nr. 2.
  3. Runners wishing to participate in the project Running the Baltic coast “My lifestyle”, have to fill in the participant’s application form, where they have to specify at which point they are starting, name, surname, date of birth, city they are living in and a club name (only if they are members of any club).
  4. All participants will have an opportunity to print out Running the Baltic coast “My lifestyle!” certificates.

VI.         Organization

  1. Initiator of the running – Aidas Ardzijauskas; ;
  2. Main organizer of the running – MB „Runner Patch“; ;
  3. Organizers of the running:

3.1.Association “Sporto renginiai”; ;

3.2. Lithuanian ultra runners society;;


  1. Running is managed by an Organizing committee formed of the representatives of the event’s organizers, supporters and partners.

VII.      Partners

  1. A partner and a consultant of the running is Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania.
  2. Other institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.

VIII.   Donations

  1. During the running you can donate:

1.1.To families of the firefighters who died in 2012;

1.2.To large families who became victims of a fire in 2012;

1.3.To this running, Running the Baltic coast “My lifestyle!”.

  1. Donations could be made in these websites of the running organizers:

  1. Received donations mentioned in section 1.1 and 1.2 will be distributed in equal parts in 9 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia (Kaliningrad and Leningrad Region), Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Poland).

IX.         Realization

  1. Running is managed by an Organizing committee formed of the representatives of the event’s organizers, supporters and partners.
  2. Information is given by:

2.1.President of the Organizing Committee Aidas Ardzijauskas (in Lithuanian and Russian languages) tel.:+370 698 09044 or email:

2.2.Advisor to the President of the Organizing Committee Lina Šimkūnaitė
(In English) tel.:+370 685 81587 or email:

  1. OrangeAds. Design, development and implementation of the ideas in the digital space, marketing, sales and design solutions. Tomas Lekavičius (in Lithuanian and English languages)

 tel.: +370 658 48007 or email: