Running the Baltic seaside – Mission

Fireman Aidas, already has run around Gibraltar, Vatican and Lithuania, now challenge the human possibilities and try to run through 9 European states territories , to pass 3500 kilometers and with this running encircle the Baltic sea.


Running goals
  • To run the Baltic seaside and reveal the limitless possibilities of the human.
  • Promote the firefighter profession
  • To strengthen the cooperation between the Baltic sea region firefighters rescue services
  • Spreading safe lifestyle principles and volunteering ideas
  • Proclaim the name of the Lithuania in the time of presidency of the EU Council
  • Promote running and healthy lifestyle.


Charitable activities

Whole running time will be carried out charity work – your donated amount will go to the fund, in which collected funds will be used to support families affected by the fires, and firefighters killed in the rescue of other loved ones. Everyone will be given up for thanksgiving