Running baltic seaside – Lithuania

Lithuania Republic (LR; Lithuania) – state in Europe, in Baltic sea south eastern side. Borders with Latvia (land length – 588 kilometers, sea border – 22 kilometers), Byelorussia (length of the wall – 677 kilometers), Poland (length of the border – 104 kilometers), Russia (Kaliningrad) (land length – 255 kilometers, Curonian lagoon – 18 kilometers, sea – 22 kilometers).


Baltic sea length of coastline – 90,66 kilometers. The total length of the Lithuanian border is – 1732 kilometers. Lithuania – Byelorussia and Lithuania – Russia federation border is European Union border. Lithuania economical zone in Baltic sea (west) related with Sweden economic zone.

XIV age Lithuania was the biggest state in Europe: it entered the current Byelorussia and Ukraine, a part of Poland and Russia. 1569 the Union of Lublin Lithuania join with Poland, formed a new state Both nation republic, which existed more than 200 years, until neighboring countries 1795 fully shared area. Lithuania restored its independence in 1928-02-16, but 1940 in Second war beginning was occupied by Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and later by Hitler’s Germany. When Germany started to lose war Lithuania the second time was occupied by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 1990-03-11 Lithuania proclaimed the restoration of full sovereignty over.

According to the United Nations data in 2011 Lithuania for the first time had an extremely high developed countries category.