Bėgimas aplink Baltijos jūrą – Apie mus

Many who asked how I had the idea to run the Baltic seaside. It turned out consistently. When I was running around the Lithuania in the end of running I started to think about what will be tomorrow, what I will do next when running will end. While ran I remembered that Lithuanians has ran the Baltic seaside, but they done that relay principle. I decided that it could be replayed, but a little differently. It was decided that the Baltic seaside should be run by one person. However, that wouldn’t be sad to run alone the entire distance I call everyone who like to run, support this idea to join me.

Aidas Ardzijauskas

  • Fireman since 1994.
  • Start running from 1980
  • Now are ran more than 38 000 kilometers.
  • He has ran around three states – Vatican, Gibraltar and Lithuania.
  • Overcome 17 classic marathons (best time 2 h 48 min 2 s)
  • 8 times ran 100 kilometers, 6 time – 101 kilometers, 3 times – 50 kilometers, 2 times – 6 hours races.
  • In 24 hours running beat 218.823 kilometers.
  • Through 24 days ran 1182 kilometers.
  • 7 times ran in many day race.